FLIP means a quick turn around, browsing,
somersault, freak out or total lost of Mind

FLIP as a term suites excellently to describe the situation which is now going on in many organisations and with people. In these days FLIP is something which happens in many dimensions and context all around the world. And it will continue as long as the transformation to future successful actors is been gained. Several viewpoints, beliefs and thoughts will be flipped completely and various work life procedures are renewed.

As such, the company name FlipEra reflects to what is happening on the threshold of this new era. There is going to be new understanding about the world and working life even though it all does not happen completely painlessly. Instead it will take some mental breakdowns,  snapping, reversal and turnarounds. However, all of it is taking the mankind towards new times and hopefully better ways of acting. 

FlipEra Ltd. was founded in Finland, January 2020. 

The core team of FlipEra is formed by four highly educated, active and multidisciplinary reformers, who all distance work from where they happen to be in.  

The core team is supported by FlipEra's RoastBoard, which challenges and roasts the core team regularly. In great and positive way, of course!

Additionally FlipEra has a tight and competent network of stakeholders which stands for continuous support for FlipErans.


If something feels safe and secured, go to the other direction.


If something is really scary, go in there.


Always stand with truth and stay honest. Even if it would mean giving up on your own advantage.


Do what you say you will do. Don't be stupid, be aware, but don't always suspect. 


Learn to let go without giving up. 

FlipEra operates completely in the web and so far we have not considered it necessary to have a permanent, physical office premises.

Occasionally and when invited we step down from our cloud to physical world in order to visit our customers, cooperators and stakeholders or just to stretch our limbs. 

Sometimes we also rent a suitable physical space where the team can meet each others or customers. So don't be too surprised, if you contact us and the physical meeting proposal comes close to you, no matter where you are! We just want to make it handy for you.

Swiftly altering environment does not respect old rules, structures and procedures - neither do we.

In a way FlipEra continues the work Nokia started. With its technology Nokia "Connected People" and now we assist people to understand how the world is connected and what kind of opportunities it reveals for them. To their business and personal life. FlipEra operates as an adapter to transform the traditional ways of working to connected future actions. 

We assist all kind of operators. Our multi-disciplinary methods clarify the constantly altering operational environment and eases the way to become a successful future actor. As we work, we explain with plain language how everything's related and how our customers are able to utilize the connected world's opportunities.

All our solutions are built on transparency, internationalization, self-steering, future thinking, well-being and responsibility. 


We do not take oath's in the name of one fashionable business method, instead we prefer to explore multi-functional solutions, which matches best into our individual customer's requirements and needs. 

At the same time whilst changing the way how to think the business altogether, we deliver some Finnish Happiness and tip how to gain it in the own life.

we make serious business with happy touch! 

We do not call ourselves as change agents, change leaders, change makers or any other change washers. We believe that change is not some separate event which can be commanded from point A to point B. We believe that change is an natural, ongoing and endless event, which intertwines all and happens everywhere with us and due to us. Change is not a process, it's a way of life and it is in everywhere as a bunch of cycles. It is not something to be conducted, it is something to navigate with.


Instead of constant change-whipping, FlipEra assist to watch the world from different angle, navigate in it and even to enjoy the ride! In our experience the true transformation is not about taking a huge pretentious leaps but about small tic in the thinking. We do not teach anyone to think outside the box, we guide to watch pass what is already learned and we prove that the box doesn't exist. 

When you have had enough stirring the same old gray mass of change which doesn't seem to lead anywhere or doesn't add value, contact us.

We'll demonstrate another way to watch the world where everything's connected.

Take contact and we are happy as a Finn to tell you more

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